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Three Things Create Success

Surfing the web has provided me with some profound insights and inspiration over the years. Not too long back, I ran across a blog about getting more from my time. The writer suggested that I write down three things each night that I would accomplish the next day. A little research showed me that many […]

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Too Busy Writing to Write

The last couple of weeks flew right by me. Two birthday parties, Christmas meals and the determination to get my writing back on track left me with a hole in my writing. I was so busy trying to get all my writing done for everything else that I forgot all about writing here. Do you […]

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Spending Writing Time

Time limits exist on each day. No matter how well you plan or prepare for each day there will still only be 24 hours in that day. Sometimes finding the time to juggle all of the different writing projects and jobs can be tough. Add in the day to day routine of the home and […]

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Freelance Writing Priority

“If I had a reason to get up then I would probably get up earlier.” The words were not my own but I could have easily put them into a phrase as well that deals with my freelance writing. Mine would have been about getting paid to write or having a place to write or […]

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Live Life like Weekends Do Not Matter

Every Friday the notes on my facebook page focus on the weekend. Plans develop to have fun, be with friends and family or to catch up on those things that have been put off too long. Around this house we are lucky to realize that the weekend is here. The schedule for the first of […]

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Working around the Problem

This morning when I started my computer the first thing to pop up was an error message. I hate bugs, but I particularly hate those that always manage to crawl into my computer. Instead of tackling the to-do list I wrote out last night I was not forced to run anti-virus, anti-malware and other similar […]

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