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Take Purposeful Action to Get You There with the Quote of the Day

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January 19 , 2020

Quote of the Day

“Without purposeful actions it’s just wasted words.” – Kathryn Lang

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Moment of HOPE

From Words to Purposeful Action

The beginning of the year provides the perfect opportunity for making a plan. You can call it resolutions or goals or whatever cranks your tractor, but they are all different designs of the same thing – a plan.

You need a plan.
If you don’t have a plan then you haven’t defined your destination.
If you haven’t defined your destination then you can be sure of which step to take.
If you are contemplating your steps then you aren’t actually moving.
If you aren’t moving then you aren’t going to get there.

But that’s okay because you aren’t even sure of where there is if you haven’t set a plan.

So plans are important.

But even the best plan means nothing if you never take a step into the plan. You have to take action and it has to be purposeful action.

I spent hours putting together a great plan for our family when we were homeschooling. I even color-coded the plan so it would be easy to understand. I made copies of the plan and posted them around the house.

Now I had the perfect plan, easy to see and even easier to understand.

A few months later, I took down all the plans. We had never utilized a single part of the plan. I had wasted my words. I had wasted the paper. I had wasted my time making the plan.

It was a good plan, but without putting the plan to work it is just wasted words. I needed purposeful action to make it work.

I made a great plan for my work. I spent hours doing things around the plan . . . but never actually tackling the plan. I was busy. I was doing a lot. None of the energy I Invested WAS focused in the purpose defined by the plan.

Never allow activity to distract you from your purposeful actions. It’s purposeful actions that move you towards where you want to go. Activity just moves you.

A plan surrounded by activity is still wasted words. You need purposeful action to make it more than words.

Make a plan then take purposeful actions that will bring your plan to life.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Daily Challenge - words to action

From Words to Action

Write out your plan.
Break it down into actionable steps.
Take one of the steps.

You have to go if you are ever going to get there.

Scripture Focus

Scripture Daily - Jeremiah 9:24

Today’s Readings:

Exodus 7 – 9
2 Samuel 1 – 4
Job 37 – 38
Jeremiah 7 – 10
Psalm 91 – 95

Scripture Focus:

“But let him that boasts boast in the understanding that he knows God in a personal way.” – Jeremiah 9:24

Ponder Point:

The most important investment you will ever make is in a personal relationship with God. If you are going to have something to brag about, make sure that is the thing you can brag about.

Share Moment:

What are you doing to invest in a relationship with God that is close enough to brag about?

Study Question

What does it mean (or look like) when you hold on to something God has told you to release?

Bible Study Question - God told you to release

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