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Taking Action to Break Free from Idle

Paul took the time to warn the believers about the dangers of being idle – and my husband reminded me one afternoon (when he caught me in the middle of a Netflix marathon binge) that idol and idle offer the same results.

It annoys me when my husband hits me in over the head with the same lesson that I find in my Scripture study. It annoys me, not because he is right but because he knows he caught me in the middle of my being wrong. I like to keep up the delusion that my husband believes I am perfect.

Idle is not a good place to be. It leaves me stuck. Idle saps my energy.

Proverbs 21:25 warns about the dangers of being idle and how it will be the death of the person because it keeps his hands from working.

I have been there – that moment when I look around and know that I need to do something but I am unable to even find the energy to turn off the television and get up off the couch.

At the same time, I have started to understand that the reason I am stuck in idle is because I have made the television my idol. I have turned my attention away from the important things and the One thing that will make the real difference.

Because I have turned to the idols, I find myself caught up in idle.

Kickstarting My Life Out of Idle

    – make a move. The first move will make it easier for me to make the next move. The first move can be a small one because even a small move will get me going.

    – get the support. The right encouragement can be the catalyst to make that first move possible. Join an online challenge group or connect with others on a regular basis. These supports often ignite the actions.

    – make a change. Do something different then you did before. Move your writing set up to a new location – maybe do some writing at a local coffee shop or library. Change up your schedule just a little and you could get moving again in the right direction.

Being idle and focusing on an idol leave me in the same place – not doing what I know to do. Sometimes I have to kickstart the energy to get moving in the right direction if I want to find my success at the end of this journey.

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