Tenacity Holds Tight to Unique Purpose in a Moment of HOPE

This Moment of HOPE YouTube Broadcast offers a burst of inspiration in under one minute

Sometimes we need a little boost to get going – and we do need to get going. The only way to make it happen it . . .is to make it happen. I have to take a step and then another and then another if I am going to reach the finish – and I need to be so determined and tenacious in my going that nothing and nobody can convince me otherwise.

Hold tight to persistence – grow up the tenacity to hang on even when the waves are trying to knock you down.

A YouTube Broadcast – A Moment of HOPE with Kathryn Lang

If I want to live out my BIG DREAM goals then I have to be tenacious in pursuit of those goals. They won’t happen to me, so I have to be persistent and determined to make it so.

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MAP IT OUT - Moment of HOPE - Tenacity

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