The Attacks WILL Come


Just when you think it’s safe to go back into the water . . . or to park your car next to the house . . . the attacks start all over. The question is not WILL the attack come but WHEN will it come. If you are doing what you are suppose to be doing then the enemy is going to try and stop you.

It can be easy focusing on the attacks. Each one is another reason to slow down or to just give up altogether. That’s what the enemy wants and it’s what he is counting on. If the next problem, situation or trouble causes you to quit then he wins and his job is done.

It is MY job to push through. Some attacks are easier to survive than others but survival of any attack will come only by following a few basics steps.

Surviving an Attack by the Enemy

    1. Now the battle plan. Digging into the Word and spending time with God EVERY DAY is the only way to understand His purpose and His plan and to continue to walk in it no matter what you might face.

    2. Stay focused. Drawing a straight line from point A to point B can only be accomplished it you stay focused on where you are going. Do not turn to the left or to the right but look straight on.

    3. Use your words. The enemy will try to use words to destroy but you can use words to build up. Speak positive things over your life and over the situation.

    4. Remember the ending. It is easy to get caught up in this world and to lose track of the ultimate end and where we will be “tomorrow.”

    5. Remember the point. We are ambassadors to this world and not residents of this world. Everything that we do and everything that we have is for the furthering of our ambassadorships.

I recently heard Vanessa Davis Griggs speak at a conference and she said that the only time the enemy tries to stop you is when you are going to succeed. Knowing that success if one more push away should be enough to drive you past any attack that you are facing.

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  • That word is so pertinent for me these days. I’m in the middle of a battle right now. I know what the end results will be if I continue to press in to God and go forward with His plan.
    I have learned that thoughts do not change thoughts, but words, verbal confessions, change thoughts.

    Thank you for the confirmation that I can and will win!

  • Just know that nothing is happening in our lives that God doesn’t see or know. That should give you all the encouragement you need because if He allows you to go through it, there’s some good going to be extracted. Keep smiling and thank God in all things even when it doesn’t look good. It tells God that you trust Him!

  • Very good post today Kathryn (esp. the part on digging into the word of God when the enemy attacks).

    I love how you break down things and give practical steps on how to conquer a problem.