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The Heart of Purpose Never Changes

Your purpose will never change because you were designed to live it. When you understand your unique design, then you can begin to flex, bend, and detour as necessary to walk it out in all you do.

The how of purpose may shift, but the heart of purpose remains the same.


The how of purpose may shift, but the heart of purpose remains the same.

Beyond the Why

Your purpose runs deeper than why. Why asks the reasons behind the moment. Your purpose directs the intentional choices that make the moments. When you stop focusing on your unique purpose, you will get lost in the weeds. Life just happens to you when you stop focusing on your purpose. You create your best life when you lean all in to your unique design.

  • Your purpose is not an action or an activity
  • Your purpose grows up in your core (heartseed)
  • Your purpose is your guiding light or North Star
  • Your purpose is fundamentally you
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Distracted by the Pivot

In high school, I was invited to speak to groups and organizations. I loved it. Sometimes I adapted a short story. Other times I created something original. 


In college, I worked for the university and for the Navy, planning social activities for folks. I had the opportunity to meet new people, to lead events, and to host gathers. I loved it. 


When I came back to live in my small town, I got a regular job doing regular stuff because that was what you were supposed to do. I hated it.


When I started raising a family, I launched my writing career – first writing for others and then moving into focusing on writing for my projects. I loved it!


When someone told me I was supposed to do it differently, I tried. Before long, I was so lost in the weeds that I couldn’t figure out which way was up.


quote - fit in the purpose of God

FINALLY., I began to wholly embrace my uniquenesses. I recognized that when I loved where I was, I was invested in doing a part of what I was uniquely designed to do. When I was completely outside of my heartseed zone, I hated it.

Now, I’m making purpose my driving force. If it doesn’t align with my purpose in some way, then I walk away. If I do something just because I can do something, then I steal the opportunity for someone else to lean into their uniqueness. I also steal the time, space, and resources I could have been using to walk in my purpose.

Your Purpose is Not an Action

It’s not what you are doing but the end goal that you are doing it to reach. Seasons will change, but who you are – that uniqueness that is only grown up through your heartseed – that will never change.

Your Purpose Grows Up From Your Heartseed

The heartseed is the elements of you that were planted in you at the beginning of time. All that you are and all that you could be grow up from these roots.

Your Purpose is Your North Star

Purpose points to your place in the Big Plan. It gives you the gut check when you are about to take a step. It gives you peace when you are in the place you are supposed to be. It helps you embrace the steps you are called to take.

Your Purpose is Fundamentally You

Because purpose grows up from your heartseed, it is all you. It encompasses your personality traits, gifts, and abilities and then weaves in your experiences, education, and strengths. Because it is you, it only grows into more you – but the fundamental part of it never changes.

Know Your Heart of Purpose

You are designed on purpose and for a purpose. You have to unlock your place in purpose so you can live it out. That purpose comes from the uniqueness of you, which is why only you can live it out. The more you know you, the more you will understand how your design weaves together to give you the foundation for launching into your dreams.

Get to know your heart of purpose and then find your ways to walk it out. Once you hone in on purpose, you’ll discover that even though the seasons change and the landscape changes, the heart of purpose never changes.

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