Training anyone or anything requires one consistency – change on the part of the one doing the training.

Get the eight secrets for growing a better husband and tips or suggestions that will help you make those secrets a habit in your life.

Secrets from “The Husband Whisperer”

    • Encouragement goes a long way.
    • Sarcasm disguised as humor is not funny.
    • It is NOT all about him.
    • Issues have to be acknowledged.
    • You will NEVER change him.
    • Whining makes things worse.
    • Doing what you know to do makes a way for him to do what he needs to do.
    A relationship with God is vital to a relationship with your husband.

My attitude and my actions will have an effect on the people around me. If I want to see change in the way things are then I have to begin in me.

“The Husband Whisperer” offers insight from my own husband training experiences – the disasters and the triumphs. Join me as I learn how to change my heart and attitude to make way for my husband to become the man he was designed to become.

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