The Key to It All

Today I found the key.  The real irony is that I’ve had it for most of my life.  This morning, during my quiet time (I’m doing two COMPLETELY different studies) I read that the key is a personal relationship with God.  Well, duh!

Every successful person through out the bible, from Cain to Moses to Abraham to Jesus to Paul and all the ones in between, had just one thing in common.  They all had a relationship with God.  Their backgrounds were different, their occupations were different, but their relationships with God were real a personal.

The people who get into trouble through out the bible are the ones who get away from that relationship.  They forget to talk to God before they go to war, or steal another man’s wife, or slip up in some shape, form, or fashion.  What they were doing became the focus of their lives.

I feel so silly.  For years now I’ve been complaining that I just needed the key and it would all be okay – the key to financial prosperity, the key to health, the key to weight loss, the key to my relationship (with my husband, my kids, or my mom).  The whole time I was looking and grumbling and struggling, I had the key in my pocket.

Everything in my spiritual walk and my spiritual life depends on just ONE thing – my personal relationship with God.

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