#GrowingHOPE Tuesday

The Noise of the World Clouds Vision

Noise Canceling Focus for Clearing Vision

The noise of the world will tell you what you see is not what you see until you believe the noise of the world over your own eyes. We have to invest in choices, views, and ideas that are actively clearing vision so we can see the Light.

  • Vision is affected by thought – what you believe you see will become what you saw.
  • Vision is only corrected with assistance – either you have to put on glasses, have surgery, or clean the windows.
  • Vision is magnified with focus – you can distort the lens to see things closer and make them bigger or distort the lens to see things farther and make them more real.
  • Vision is clarified with understanding – the know about what you see, the more you’ll understand what you saw.
  • Vision in the right light turns a mountain into a breathtaking vista.

Clearing your vision will allow you to see the Truth over the reality of the world.

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