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When the egg is cracking and the last straw is broken the Proverbs 31 woman turns to God. It is with Him that she finds the shoulder to lean on, the strength to be strong, the Heart that provides hope, and the understanding that lets her feel justified in her emotions but still able to push on through the chaos to the blessing.

The Proverbs Life

“You have a simple way of looking at things.” Our bible study group finished up for the day and one of the ladies stopped me on my way out. “The way you said that should be shared.”

The Proverbs LIfe found its roots in that idea-sharing it simply. The information needs to be simple – actually, the information is already simple. Often, in the sharing, the complicated begins to invade.

We seek to keep the simple uncomplicated and to take the complicated and break it down to the simple.

“Everything worth doing comes from relationships – first with God and then with others.” My husband pointed out the relationship connection one afternoon on the way home from a MeetUp. He was right (just don’t tell him I told you). It all comes back to relationships.

The Proverbs Life looks for ways to develop and increase relationships – engaging, sharing, serving, and connecting.

We work together to connect – hearts with God and with each other.

The Proverbs Life shares tools that build lives on a foundation of peace and joy – through the internet, in person, and in print. The more avenues that open up, the more directions we will seek to follow – always keeping in mind the investment of those involved.

We help each other build foundations in ways that fit the needs, situation, and direction of the moment.

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Practical Proverbs – The Proverbs Life Book

Practical Proverbs with Kathryn Lang

Life comes at you hard, and often from all different directions. Despite the constant onslaught, you can grasp peace and joy.

Practical Proverbs will unlock eight traits revealed in Proverbs for conquering your storms. You will also discover practical tips for making these traits part of your daily routine.

You’ll find:
Biblical principles for managing daily life
Secrets for finding rest
Simple steps for a life more organized
Helpful guidelines for developing a spirit of giving . . . and much more!

Are you ready to begin growing a life rooted in peace and joy?

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