The Reality of Truth

I typed the response that needed to be shared. She had it wrong. She was sharing misinformation and she likes to know the truth. I needed to tell her the truth.

I looked at the response for a moment. The words offered no controversy and no confrontation. They were simple explanations of what was really going on.

I deleted the response and closed the page.

[tweetthis]Sometimes the most powerful thing you can share is not words, but silence[/tweetthis]

This was not the first time I have gone through this process. People are making comments and sharing links or images without taking the time (or having the interest) in what is really going on. I share what I have found and more than once I am attacked for simply sharing facts.

People, the very same people that are normally intelligent and educated, are resorting to attacks. I wish it was something new, but it has been going on for centuries. More than a few derogatory remarks were tossed at Jesus. It is easier to be blind than have to open the eyes, see the truth, and make a change.

It reminds me of a situation I encountered many years back. I was sitting in a group sharing a delightful conversation about Scripture. I made a comment and the person across from me got upset – AT ME! I explained that the words were directly out of the Word. She wanted to know where, so I found the Scripture in my Bible and pushed it across to her.

She read it and paused before pushing the Bible back across the table. “Well, that’s not what it means.” I was shocked into silence – a rare occurrence under any conditions but especially before I learned the importance of taming the tongue. I just stared at her. The very comment I had made – the one she had declared wrong – I showed to her in black and white. Still, she declared it to be wrong.

[tweetthis]The truth is the truth unless it affects the beliefs that I’m standing on[/tweetthis]

That is where I am right now in many situations I have seen. You can hold up the facts – in simple black and white text – and if people accept that the words are real then they will assume the meaning is wrong because it doesn’t fit into their defined reality. It has to be the way I have declared because I can’t be wrong (or my teacher/mom/mentor can’t be wrong).

I could have argued with her about the truth. I could have given her back the Bible to read again. I could have explained to my friend on social media that her facts were out of whack. I could have shown her the truth.

When people are arguing with the black and white reality, they aren’t interested in the truth. Arguing will not change their position. If anything it will cause them to dig their heels in deeper (or bury their heads deeper in the sand).

I have to continue you my path of investing in connections and being relentlessly helpful. I won’t give you my opinion on your posts or positions unless you ask. But if you ask, be prepared for the truth.

Be blessed,

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It’s time to make a change

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