There Are No Unexpected Expenses

There always seems to be an “unexpected” expense that pops up and messes with the budget that I have painstakingly put together.  Last month is was the emergency room visit.  This month it was tires for the van.  The truth is, nothing is completely unexpected and I have to make a budget that plans for these events.

Since my budget includes a high estimate of what I will owe each month (I use the most expensive utility bill and round up to boot) I am going to use the overage to prepare for the unexpected.  If I have budgeted $250 for electric and the bill is only $180, I will write a second check for $70 and put it in savings.  The same goes with my car expenses.  If I budget $450 and only spend $375 then I’ll make out a second check for $75 to go into savings.  I won’t wait until the end of the month because some how I always manage to spend the extra on other “stuff.”

I have a friend that takes it a step farther.  She has her savings broken up into categories – home repair, car, vacation, medical, etc.  She only uses the home repair money for repairs on the home.  I’m just not quite that organized yet.  Getting it INTO a savings account will be exciting enough for me.

There are no true unexpected expenses.  You know the car is going to need new tires.  The kids are probably going to have to visit the doctor.  The holidays are coming up at the same time EVERY year.  Instead of being shocked when you have to make a big pay out just prepare ahead of time by saving here and there.

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