Those Things That Matter Most

It started with a master plan to take over the world. I knew it would take consistent focus pursued with a diligent mind. I drew the map and began taking the steps.

It was a plan to make my life better and the life of my family.

Each day I invested in prayer and study. Some days it was easier than others, but I continued to follow through with a determined diligence that I had never invested before.

Each day I invested in the words and the ideas. Some days the words flooded out and some days they seeped out with lots of wringing and twisting, but I continued to push the words with a determined diligence that I had talked about but never performed.

Each day I invested in the plan that I had plotted. Some days I took multiple steps down the path and some days I managed to hold my ground, but I continued to make the steps necessary to continue the journey.

One day, I looked at a response to my efforts. It did nothing to sell my books. It did nothing to book my speaking engagements. It did nothing to increase my blog ads. It was one person, feeling a personal connection to the words.

And at that moment I realized what my master plan was really about – and it was not me or my books or my speaking or my blog or any of that stuff that the world dictated as important.

Yes – selling books gets my words out into the world.
Yes – more visitors to my website means more eyes on those words.
Yes – all of these are more opportunities to see my words growing into more.

But ultimately it is about that one connection.

When the words I share connect with a heart then it all becomes worth the effort.

My pursuit is not about me – but about joining God in His work. I am blessed to be able to share the words – just in the sharing. I am blessed to be able to encourage – just in the encouraging. I am blessed just because I am a part of all that God is doing.

That is what makes it worth it – the rest is just icing and sprinkles.

Be blessed,


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