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  • Hi Kathryn,
    I love that you were so creative about remaking clothes which didn’t work for you. I’m like Christin and would love to see you in them 🙂

  • The first outfit,laying down, not on you :), is my favorite, too. It is amazing how things laying down or on a person look so different. I like the brown and pink solids together, bold, but pretty. I am amazed that you took all of those dresses and turned them into pieces that you wear and enjoy. That is inspiring.

    • Hey Misty – thanks for stopping by. I confess that the first outfit is also my favorite. As for the pink, I have decided that they work with just about any color 😀 A bold piece with a neutral print should always be able to work. Thank goodness for all of the fashion shows or I would never have considered it myself.