Tidy Work Makes Way for Growing HOPE and Promise

Tidy Work Makes Way for Growing HOPE and Promise

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Thursday – Tidy the Work

Every choice I make either makes way for my possibilities or else adds the barriers in the way of my possibilities. When I choose to invest in finding ways to tidy my work then I make way and even clear barriers in the process.

A cluttered desk, a cluttered home, or a cluttered life is just another obstacle in the path of possibility.

When it comes to tidying up around my work, there are no short cuts. It just has to be done. AND if I will do it then it is rarely the challenge that I have made it out to be.

Making Way with Tidy Work

I must keep my work tidy if I am going to keep working – whether I am working from home, working in the home, or working away from home.

    MAP IT OUT - Organization - Tidy the Work

  • Tidy the Work Space
  • Tidy the Files
  • Tidy the Online Space

  • Tidy the Time with a Schedule

  • Tidy the Expectations

I need to tidy my work so that I am prepared to work. Nothing slows me down more than the dread of having to clean up even before I get started. If I will tidy up, then continue to tidy up along the way, I can get started right out of the gate in pursuit of my possibilities.

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I make the most of who I am and I make the way for the promised life when I make the choice to tidy up.

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Kathryn Lang

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