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Time to Become a Local Superfan

Be a local superfan. Be a superfan of a local artist, a local author, a local blogger, a local photographer, a local business. Find someone close to you and become their superfan.

A friend shared one of my posts on her Facebook feed. I knew something was different because I had my analytics open, and I kept seeing new viewers pop up. She added a simple comment with the share. “Everyone needs to check out this extraordinary gal I know… Click the link to her website where she shares some pretty awesome stuff!”

a local superfan shares

It delighted me to have her ask others to connect with me. It wasn’t because I asked. It was because she wanted others to encounter the words I share on my page.

I met Courtney Ferguson a few years back when we were part of the same homeschool Co-op group. I get giddy thinking about the ladies in that group and have seriously considered moving closer to them. They are outstanding examples of being superfans.

Courtney is a fantastic photographer. If you are in the North Alabama area, you should connect with her for your photo needs.

We all need superfans in our lives. They remind us we can when we hit a wall of can’t. Superfans support us in the journey – with shares, with purchases, and with accountability.

With Courtney’s kind words, the post she shared doubled in views. It came at the end of a week when I needed a boost to help me keep going. Things had not been going as planned, but sometimes unplanned can be a good thing. Her share was not planned by me (or even requested), and it made dealing with all those not so positives a little easier.

You, too, can be a superfan.

a local superfan is a superhero

How to be a Local Superfan

  • Find a business or individual whose work or products you thoroughly appreciate. “Wow! This is amazing!” needs to be your response to their service or product.
  • Engage with their website and social media feed. Share their posts with a comment. Ask questions or answer questions that were asked. Drop a GIF in the comments. Let them know you were around.
  • Invest in them. Purchase a product, a service, or a membership. It tells them you believe in their abilities, and it also provides the means for them to keep going.
  • Share with others. Tell people about what they offer. Encourage others to check them out or to make an investment (time or finances). Get others to join you as a superfan.
  • Offer reviews. A positive review can be almost as critical as a purchase. It helps spread the word about the business or individual. It also boosts them within search engines. Word of mouth is still the most potent source of advertisement around.

We all need superfans in our lives. Nowadays, the local people and businesses around you need those superfans more than ever. Some of us are just a superfan away from closing the doors. Others may be a superfan away from giving up because “nobody cares, anyway.”

Make the day of your local artist or business and become a local superfan.

Do you need a superfan in your life? Let’s connect. Join me over on Facebook or Twitter and let’s encourage each other to live our extraordinary lives!

Quote of the Day

Persistent action makes amazing changes. – Kathryn Lang

Be persistent in encouraging others and you will change the world.

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