Top 10 Ways to Be a Good Wife


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  1. This is a good article but the only thing that I don’t agree with is that it assumes, and most articles like this do, that the woman doesn’t work. Not all women are housewives anymore. So, creating quiet time when dad gets home, etc, does not apply if you get home at the same time or later.

  2. Hey Melissa,

    Sorry for that. I work at home and I sometimes forget that not everyone gets that luxury. Dealing with being a working mom AND a good wife is more complicated than most people could ever imagine. I’m trying to touch on tips and suggestions at my new website

    I hope that you can come by for a visit and I also hope that my points and tips here touch on the added stress that working can add to the life of the wife. Keep in mind that I don’t address how the MAN should act – although I think that he should love his wife more than life and show it – because I am working on me and sharing that experience ;).


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