Top Tips for Finding Motivation

“Today I don’t feel like doing anything.” Some of you may recognize this as a line from the Lazy Song. Others of you may know it as a mantra that keeps you from getting to where you want to be. No matter which side you might fall, it is certain that you need a little motivation in your day.

Top Ten Tips for Grabbing Motivation

    Tip One – Keep a folder of inspirational quotes, sayings and other things that make you smile. I learned this from my mother and now I have her inspirations that I can add to my own. Place these quotes around you where it will be easy to see. Even better, share your inspirations with the world.

    Tip Two – Get involved with a group of supporters. Sports taught me that nothing inspires the tired athlete as much as seeing a line of people cheering them across the finish. Writers need screaming fans as well. Build up a list of people that believe in what you are doing AND will take the extra step to help you reach your success.

    Tip Three – See past the moment. It may feel like you are stuck, but you are never stuck. You have to find a way to see through the fog. Move away from the project that caused the current block. Visit some chat groups. Stop by a favorite website. Comment in a helpful forum. Looking in a different direction can provide you with the light you need to see through your own moment.

    Tip Four – Write something. There are times when the things that you need to write are hiding out back under a rock. Not writing will never coax them out from under the rock. Post a comment on a friend’s blog. Sit down and write (with pen and paper) a letter to a friend. Pour out your feelings and thoughts into a journal. A little spark will light your inspiration and drive your writing out from under the rock.

    Tip Five – Read a book, magazine or even blog that offers inspiration and hope. What goes into the eyes settles into the heart and eventually comes back out. Pour inspiration into your life and you will find that inspiration shows up when you need it. The words that lift you up can give you the strength you need to move forward in your own writing.

    Tip Six – Build a happy place. Create a space where you can get away from it all (and I mean the kids, phones, and responsibilities) even for a few minutes. It may be that you need to find a location away from the home where you can go and recharge. Discover a place where you and let your mind wander free.

    Tip Seven – Get organized. Most of us try to ignore the clutter or deny that it has an effect. Clutter saps energy and focus. Cutting back on the stuff will free up time, energy and finances to get the things done that you want to be doing.

    Tip Eight – Eject the negatives. Block out those things that provide a bad image or thought. Focus on those things (and words) that are good, encouraging and uplifting – ESPECIALLY when it is something that you are saying about yourself.

    Tip Nine – Get a mental image of you accomplishing your task. When you can see Tip Nine – Get a mental image of you accomplishing your task. When you can see you doing it then you are one step closer to doing it. Picture the success that you desire and then let that image settle into your knower so that nothing and nobody will be in a position to knock it loose. When you know that you can do it then you will find a way to do it.

    Tip Ten – Set a time line. Create a visual path for reaching your success. Set up rewards for reaching each level of that success. Seeing the end makes it easier to reach for that end. Knowing that a reward will be provided can also drive you even more to reach that place.

Motivation will be different things for different people – and different things at different times for the same person. Creating an arsenal of motivation before it is needed will help you push past the lazy days and reach your mountain top of success.

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