Touch a Heart to Change the World

You can touch a heart by being open to seeing the heart of that other person. Instead of judging or complaining, you see past the top layer and look into the heart. Empathy can open doors that would otherwise remain locked and allow hope to flow in and change the world.

You can touch a heart of a person when you are willing to see their heart and expose yours.
– Kathryn Lang


You can touch a heart of a person when you are willing to see their heart and expose yours.
- Kathryn Lang

Too Tired to Care

My children were annoying me. The line at the grocery slithered around the edge of the aisle. It had already been a long day, and I still had a pile of work waiting for me when I got home, and I still didn’t know if it would make a difference.

“I just don’t care at this point.” I did care, but I was too tired to care.

Have you ever been there?

The young girl at the register did her best to hurry things along. The older lady shadowing her didn’t seem to be helping. The third time the older lady stepped in, I realized the young girl had to be training. “We’ll never get out of here,” I thought.

My turn finally came, and I saw the discouragement and near terror in the young girl’s eyes. I had been there before. Trying my best and not getting it right, and everyone around me is demanding that I get it right. 

I smiled.

She smiled.

I made a funny comment, and we all three laughed. Even the annoyed guy behind me smiled. With a little effort, we all felt better. It didn’t change the situation, but it was enough to touch a heart.

A little attitude adjustment helped make the grocery store a better place.

Choosing to Touch a Heart

If you ask my husband, he’ll tell you I wasn’t present the day they handed out empathy. I tend to expect people to do what they say and what they are supposed to do and don’t have a lot of patience when they choose otherwise.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t empathize with the struggle. Who among us hasn’t made the wrong choice at one time or another?

For me, empathy is more about choosing to see the heart of someone and then being open to expose my heart just enough to touch the heart of the other person. That doesn’t mean I’m going to do your chores for you or pick up the dishes you dropped while trying to hurry to clear the table. It does mean I’ll share a smile, a joke, a laugh, a hug, or whatever else bridges the span from one heart to another.

Change the World One Heart at a Time

It starts with my heart. Until I am open to changing my heart, I will never be positioned to share the connection that will change another heart. After that, I have to be daring enough to expose my heart. The only way to connect with another heart is to expose my own. When I do these two things, then I will be positioned to touch a heart that begins to change the world.

How will you touch a heart today?

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