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Troubles with a Discouraged Husband

“What are you passionate about?” The question seems easy enough for me. I ask it all the time. But my husband was stumped by the question.

“To tell you the truth, I know of nothing that I am passionate about.”

Words come easily for me so it is the rare occasion when I am speechless. This was one of those times. What do you say to someone whose discouragement has become so large that the horizon or even the hope of a horizon is hidden from view?

Helping a Discourage Husband

    1. Do all that you can but realize you are never able to do it all. Be supportive. Listen with an open heart. Speak when asked to speak. But accept that there is nothing you can do that will fix the situation.

    2. Stay on task. Keep doing the things that you know to do. When those around you are standing still or moving backwards it can be tough to go forwards. Keep pushing on – farther in and further up.

    3. Be encouraged. The last thing a discouraged man needs around is a discouraged woman. Find the positive side of the tracks and stay on it!

    4. Keep it low key. Having a happy, positive and optimistic person around can be discouraging to someone that is NOT in that happy place (according to my own husband it can also be annoying). Try to keep the overflowing joy in check – at least externally.

Discouragement crowds a lot of homes at this time. Tough financial times combine with holiday gift giving to create unbelievable tension. The magic formula for fixing a discouraged spouse does not exist. But keeping your own life on track and being supportive will help you help him.

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