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True Love Beyond the World View

Love beyond the world view is a diligent love, a fervent love, and a love that is giving without any expectation of return.

We have been put into a position where we must love the unlovable. It could be that someone did something intentionally to cause harm to our persons or to our reputations. It could be that someone has chosen to be angry or harsh without provocation. It could be that someone drives like they are in a race instead of just on the way to work.

The world is full of unlovable people.

We are called to love in a way that goes beyond the measure of the world. 1 Peter 4:8 tells us to love each other fervently – that means stretched out love. It is a love that is intentional and assiduous (which is fun to say by the way). We are called to be diligent in the task of love and constant in the application of love – even or maybe especially to the unlovable.

1 James 4:9

“Love each other deeply. Love covers a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8

The heart season – the one where the little cupid roams around shooting arrows with heart points – that season is not about this love. The heart season focuses on giving me love – the “what have you done for me lately” love that so much of the world has been caught in. It looks at ways to give the most so that it can get the most. That love is a false love – not it is anti-love.

True love (and for those Princess Bride fans out there, I KNOW how you just said this) gives without expectation of return. I love, not because someone loves me, but because my Father loved me. I show my love to my Father by loving His creation – ALL of His creation.

It is a challenge – to love with a selfless love. The mind has been fed the delusion of the world’s anti-love so long that it defaults to that setting. Think back to a moment when you did something for someone that they were unable to repay – just because you could do it for them. Think about how you felt and remember the response of the one that received. The warm, fuzzy feeling that bubbled up around you then (and that is stirring just at the memory) is the foundation of true love.

Love Beyond the World View

Seek out that love-sharing today. Look for opportunities to be a blessing to those around you – even the unlovable ones that cut you off in traffic or break the mile-long line at the local grocery store. Love – not because you can get anything from someone else, but because you have been given everything by God.

We can love the unlovable because there was a time when we were the unlovable. It is only through the grace of God that we now walk in Love and it is through that same grace and that same Love that we will be able to love the unlovable world.

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