Trust Agents Review

Friday, I had the opportunity to write a review of Trust Agents over at Author Haven. This book ranks up at the top of my must read list. I would even put it in the category with Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude AND Tough Times Never Last but Tough People Do – two books I have read many times and recommend often!

Trust Agents does not have the spiritual undertones that the other two books hold, but there is plenty of insight. It is a great read for any one that wants to expand an online business or just be more productive in life in general.

Each time I was able to read a little of Trust Agents, I walked away from the words inspired to do more. Encouragement and motivation are aspects that I respect in any situation so having these in the book moved Julian and Chris up a few steps in my heart. They seem to bare it all – or just enough to help me understand the importance of living a little bit exposed.

Check out my review, but also check out Trust Agents. I am already starting my second read through – this time with a highlighter and note pad. Let me know what you think about all that tips and suggestions offered by Chris and Julien in this book. And let me know where YOU find your motivation to push on to the more that you can be.

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