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How to Trust Beyond the Limits of Knowing

You have to trust beyond the limits of knowing to stand in Faith. This trust comes from an understanding of the promises founded in a personal relationship with the One offering the promises.

Know God so that you can trust Him beyond the limits of what the world knows.

By Kathryn C. Lang
(from the Reflections and HOPE archives)

They knew boats. The men had been working on boats most of their lives. Some of them even came from boat-building families. They knew what boats could handle – what boats were supposed to handle.

They knew weather. The men had been working out on the water most of their lives. They knew the signs. They knew the steps to take. They knew what to do and how to manage.

They knew that the signs were not ideal for the trip, but they knew that their experience and training would be able to handle it. It was not bad. It was not dangerous. They would manage.

They were wrong.

The storm did not hit them until they were too far from shore to turn around. They were stuck. Now the storm threatened to turn them – turn their world – upside down.

Have you ever been there?

“Go get him.” The one man they trusted the most was below deck. He always knew what to do when things seemed the worst they could possibly be.

The sailor sent below was shocked that anyone would be below with all the rocking going on. Seeing the man lying there asleep was almost more than he could take. “How can you sleep when we are about to die?”

The man opened one eye and looked at the scared sailor. “You will not die.” He opened his other eye and then walked up to the top deck and looked out over the dark skies and crashing waves. “Be still.”

Those same words are being spoken over your life right now. No matter how dark the skies or how rough the waters, you can trust completely in the One that calms the storms.

trust beyond the limits of the storm

Trust Beyond the Limits

  • the men knew what they knew, and they trusted what they knew. What do you know?
  • the men encountered something new, and they were learning that He went beyond what they knew. Are you willing to encounter something new?
  • the men recognized that what they knew would not help them in the storm but that what they had encountered would, and they reached out for help. Are you willing to reach out for help?

I know a lot of things – my husband has even accused me of being a “know it all” but I do not trust all that I know. The things that I invest in learning, in understanding, those are the things that I trust. The relationships that I have invested in, that I have grown and nurtured, those are the relationships that I trust.

There are many storms that will come up in life. I can prepare. I can learn. I can know. But many times the only way I will be in a position to survive the storms is when I learn how to trust in the One.

Where do you put your trust and why?

Be blessed,

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