Truth and Consequences (of We the People)

from the Archives of Reflections and HOPE for 11-29-15

Here is the whole truth.

There is no man or woman here on this earth capable or qualified to run our country.

The founding fathers got that concept – but we seem to have forgotten. We run around nit-picking the minutiae of people we disagree with to prove that person is not qualified to run this country.

A PERSON was never supposed to run our country – WE are supposed to run our country. WE are supposed to learn about the issues and then WE are supposed to send to Washington the officials to share the thoughts WE have on those issues. The officials are supposed to be part of WE – so they go, share, and return to live in their ordinary, nonissue directed lives.

But that is another story for another day.

The head official, who WE chose to call “president,” has a part in the running of the country, but is not in charge of running the country. The position of “president” holds less power than most other leadership types, particularly those that were in place when WE wrote out our guiding principles. That was by design.

So, could you please stop asking people about what they may or may not have said 20 years ago, or thirty years ago, or forty years ago. Most of us have enough trouble remembering what we said yesterday.

The Qualifications of a Good President

  • Deals well with others even in stressful situations. WE should be seeking a person to take this position of “president” that will maintain focus and an element of calm even in the midst of a storm.
  • Works well with others. The best qualification of a good leader is that the person has the ability and desire to work with others.
  • Surrounded by others of wisdom and knowledge. A single person will never know everything, but that person shows true wisdom and leadership by acknowledging that inability and choosing people that know more in areas that might be lacking.
  • Always learning. A leader needs to daily be invested in learning more – about him/her, about life, and about the world.
  • A reader. I have heard too many times in the last month (from busy people in busy jobs) that they are reading one to two books a week not to believe that it can be done by anyone willing to make the investment. Reading expands the mind and grows comprehension.
  • Consistent but flexible. I had a LOT of beliefs when I was younger. I have invested in learning and growing and those beliefs have grown with me – but my fundamental elements of who I am and what I believe have remained the same. A strong leader has clear and concise foundational principles that can be traced back, but also has the wisdom and understanding that elements will change and grow.

Although the talk of the town right now is this one position of “president,” these same ideals should be important whether I am looking for a Senator, Representative, Mayor, or Dog Catcher. They do not get elected and do their job. WE appointed them for such a time as this.

“WE the people, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, and ensure domestic tranquility; provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and insure the blessings of liberty – to ourselves and our posterity . . .”

WE are failing – and unless we stop looking at the speck and get to work on the beam, the whole country will fail because of it.

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