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Ultimate Online Writing Experiment

The race is on to see how much I can accomplish and how fast it will happen. Yesterday I got up a new website devoted to the pursuit of being the perfect woman. It’s a labor of love that has been in the thought process for a year and actively worked on for the last month or so. There is still work to be done, but I hope you’ll get a chance to swing by.

My new project at is not the only thing that I’m trying different. A recent article in The Writer jumped out at me recently. It suggested that to be successful in my writing career I might actually have to send out some queries. She constantly had out at least 20 queries at a time. I’m going to aim for sending out five each week.

There will also be no more no’s accepted with regards to my writing. I intend to reject all the rejections be re-writing, toning them up and sending them back out into battle. There is no reason for one good idea to fall when it can be made stronger – I will build the Six Million Dollar Query!

It is time to pick my novel up, dust it off and get it ready for submission. There is even money set aside to send it for a professional critique. I met the Susan Richardson at the Southern Christian Writer’s Conference in June and was impressed with her professionalism – and the fact that she is almost as peculiar as I am.

The final leg in my new writing journey will be consistency. Every day – no matter how busy or off centered it may become – I will devote one hour to creative writing. It can be a poem, a short story or prose about the day itself, but I will work on the creative edge of my dream.

This is my goal for the next 40 days. According to experts it takes around SIX WEEKS to create a new habit. After my great experiment is over I intend to have the healthy habits of a successful writer well ingrained in my routine.

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