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How to Understand the Easy Path for Life

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Walking out the Easy Path for Life
By Kathryn C. Lang
(from the Reflections and HOPE archives)

Every morning, if I am last out of the bed, I make the bed before I start my day. I used to do it every morning, but my husband complained when I tucked him under the comforter (and some days he just refused to come out).

If you knew me BC – before change – then you remember that I NEVER made my bed. I rarely picked up my room. And I had no concept of what those wire things in the closest were designed to do.

But now, every morning, I make my bed. It is not a chore. It is not even something that I think about. One day I started making my bed and then the next and then the next and then it was as natural as breathing. Making my bed is easy.

It became easy when I began to make the choice to do it. If I am completely honest with you, it was never that difficult of a task. I just chose not to make my bed. I had no desire to make my bed. I saw no purpose in making my bed. So, I left my bed unmade.

Change does that to us. It makes us look at things from a new perspective, or maybe it just allows us to see more precisely what was there before. I get up each morning and make my bed because it starts my day with a bit of order and focus. Each time I walk through my room, I see the made bed and recognize that something was accomplished that day. The choice to make my bed makes it easier for me to make that next positive choice.

On many occasions, I have talked about how society thrives on making things difficult. I suspect that given the opportunity, that society could find a way to complicate the steps for making a bed (it probably already has, but my years of denial have protected me). But, I also said that even though it may be simple, it is not always easy.

Only, maybe it is easy and the world has me convinced that it is more difficult than it actually is. Or maybe the world has deluded me into believing that it is wasted effort or not my problem in the first place.

I am struggling to get my children to make their beds consistently. I hear the same reasons from them that I offered myself. It seems that without that change in focus and that change in direction, we are just blinded to the benefits (or the need).

In Matthew 11:30, Jesus reminds us that HIS yoke is EASY. I have read that Scripture more times than I can count and I looked past that word “easy.” I could have been blinded by the complexity of the world, but I suspect it was something much more selfish. If I admit that it is easy, then I no longer have an excuse.

Be blessed,

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