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Unlimited Power – July 4 2019 Quote of the Day and Daily shares

Quote of the Day

You have in you the power to commit. You have in your grasp God’s power for change. Those two together will never be limited.

Quote of the Day for July 4 2019 - you have the power

Thought of the Day

Unlimited Power

What would you do with unlimited power? What would you try if you knew you had it in you do make it happen?

What if I told you that you do?

The power is in you. The way has been paved. Know you have the choice to step in purpose and on purpose.

The only limits in your life are the ones you allow. When you make the choice to tap into the All-Powerful dwelling in you then everything becomes possible.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Challenge for July 4 2019 - take a step

Scripture of the Day

“You keep me safe, O God, for in You I have found my refuge and in You do I put my trust. In You, I hide myself.” – from Psalm 16:1

Psalm 16:1 - July 4, 2019 Scripture of the Day

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