Victory – Living a Life of Joy


The world does not hold the answers to finding a life of joy. Conforming to the world and yielding to the temptations only hinders the victory that I should be living. Although I do live in this world I am not a citizen of the world. I have to transform to my purpose to uncover my victory.

Keys to Living a Life of Joy

    1. Choosing Better or Bitter – true joy comes from how I handle my struggles. Being bitter is the negative response and is a sign of weakness. It is the sour thoughts, actions and words that spread to everyone around me. Being better is the path to insight and it leads to growth and strength. It is the fresh spring that feeds the strength and hope of all those I encounter. It is my choice which path I take.

    2. Beyond Self – joy comes from leaning on something beyond me. Looking to the strength of Jesus no matter what the circumstances is the way to contentment, courage and fulfillment. Relying on God comes from consistent fellowship with Him. A relationship with God is the path to light and revelation.

    3. A Life of Hope – Trustful expectation is the only way to walk a life of Hope. The more I know the person or purpose then the easier it is to trust in that person or purpose.

This world will have contempt for anyone who does not follow its way. It is important for me to uncover my life of joy in order to live in the victory that comes from persevering in the confident endurance against the opposition.

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