Inspiration from “We Be Big” by Rick and Bubba

Reading “We Be Big” by Rick Burgess and Bill “Bubba” Bussey with Don Keith left me with only one word: WOW!

The book arrived on Wednesday and the caricatures on the front told me what to expect inside. My three sons and their dad (my husband of 17 years) love the Rick and Bubba Show and delight in sharing the antics of the day with me when they get a chance to listen. My cries of “I am not interested” do little to slow the replay. I could tell from one look that this book would be more of the same. I was willing to endure for the sake of my boys, besides I knew that the written tales could never grate on me the way the show had managed to do over the years.

The two older boys were fighting over who would get to read the book after I finished so I knew I would need to get through it pretty fast to make them happy. I picked up the book after tucking them in bed that same night and planned to read the first couple of chapters to really get an understanding of what I was about to endure.

I never put it down and read it from cover to cover – including acknowledgements and picture tags. The sun was not yet up, but I refused to look at the clock because I did not want to know how little sleep I would be getting after my all night binge.

The cover did NOT tell the whole story (and proved perfectly that you should never judge a book by its cover in more ways than one). I confess that what was hidden between the cover was no literary work of art. Instead, what I discovered was a glimpse of real life – like watching my youngest son play when he has no idea I am watching. They touched my heart with their tales and ignited my own passion for writing and life as they took turns being open and honest in a way that I have no doubt has helped them grow a devoted fan base (like those in my own house).

This book was not even almost what I expected when I sat down. It was a refreshing surprise that left me feeling like I was sitting down with guys around a camp fire listening to tales and adventures and even woes. The first thing I told my husband was that I got it. I finally understood why the men of my house enjoy listening to The Rick and Bubba Show every chance they get. Each chapter pulled back a little of the person until the hearts of Rick and Bubba were left. I just hope that the words I am using will do justice to the inspiration they provided.

You may never have listened to the Rick and Bubba Show in your life. That is okay. “We Be Big” is more about the journey than the show and I believe that it is one you will appreciate taking with them.

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