Weekly Devotional and Scripture Challenge – March 19 2017

Weekly Devotional and Scripture Challenge – March 19 2017

Those who say ‘by our own tongues (and efforts) we will prevail; and it is our own lips (and actions) that will defend us’ might as well be declaring ‘who is lord over us?’” from Psalm 12:4

I gave it to God. I turned it over and trusted Him to handle all that needed to be done. Sweet sleep surrounded me.

The next morning I took it back. I knew I could do something – something more than I had already done before I gave it all away. I knew there was something I could do better – something I had already been doing but obviously not doing in the best way possible.

It needed to be taken care of “RIGHT NOW” so I took it back.

Too often, that is what I do with the issues in my life. It give them over to God, but then I take them back because I know He can handle it but I don’t want to bother Him, or I don’t want to wait, or I don’t truly believe He will get around to doing what He said He would do.

If I want to live under the protection (and blessing) then I have to stop taking it back.

Let It Go

    – Speak words that say you know “God’s got this.” The more you speak the words the more they become grounded in your heart.

    – Write out a prayer about how “God’s got this.” You don’t have to see it right now. You don’t have to understand how it will work out. You just have to position yourself to begin thanking Him for all He has done, is doing, and will do.

    – Meditate on the vision of God handling the situation. Just a minute or two in the morning of “seeing” God reaching in to your life and taking care of your needs gets your mind focused on the One who calms the storms.

God’s blessings come to those that are walking in His will. It is not complicated. God’s blessings always come because He said the blessing would come. It is not hidden. God’s Will is for me (and for you) to live out a bold, purposeful, and blessed life. It is not a secret.

If I want to live in His Design then I have to trust Him with it.

Weekly Challenge for Scripture Living

Make a list of the top five things you struggle to “trust God to handle.” Invest this week in praying over these elements of your life. Look for Scriptures and other confirmations that “God’s got this.” Make purposeful choices that show you believe He can handle it.

Recommended Reading – Jeremiah 31 – 34

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