Weight Loss is a Heart Issue

Weight has always been an issue in my life and in my home growing up. Today it is one of the first subjects discussed even though we only see each other about once a year. What diet or program we might currently be on and what we are eating or not eating.

After the birth of my second child I tried everything I could think of to lose weight. I bought (and actually did) a small library of exercise videos. I cut my fat and calories. Nothing happened. Then I found a Christian Program that helped me view food in a whole new light. I quit dieting and quit weighing and the weight seemed to pour off.

My last pregnancy brought the weight back in spades! Now it’s a fight between doing what I know to do and doing what I’m going to do – which seems to be a recurring theme through out much of my life.

My issue is not with calories or fat grams. My issue is with the heart. It has idolized food over all other things. It would treasure the times alone with food (when the family would be someone where else and it could eat the meal with no one to disturb it). It didn’t want to share food with any one for any reason.

I have started retraining my heart to love what is right above the food. I am breaking the habit of selfishness by making moments to share with others, by making food a time together so that the people become more important than the food.

Like any bad habit that we form over many years, breaking the food habit is not easy or over night. Every morning I am declaring out loud (and with enthusiasm) that the weight is gone and the habit broken. I am following up the words with regular exercise and by giving away eating alone.

With a positive attitude, the right mind set, and action, you can have, be or do what ever you desire!

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