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The moment someone finds out that I am a writer this question comes up. Writing full-time as a freelancer means that I write just about everything. My articles have included information about corner showers to stories about festivals around the world. It has been a diverse journey.

On top of what I write for others, I also enjoy telling my own tales. The novel that I wrote last year and the non-fiction books I have brewing tend to take a back seat to others needs.

People do not want to stand around while I expose my many avenues of creative verbiage.

Answering the Writing Question

    • Cover the highlights: “I create content for websites around the internet.” That will either shut them up if the know nothing about the internet, or else will drive more questions if they understand what you just said.

    • Make no excuses: “I write mystery/suspense novels.” There was a time when I would explain that I had completed my first novel but that it had not been published. Now, I let them dig deeper if they want to discover that aspect of my writing journey.

    • Be straightforward: “I write what others need me to write, plus what I like to write.” It may sound cryptic, but other freelance writers will probably get it.

    • Create an elevator pitch: “My writing covers a wide range of avenues, from content for companies around the world to fiction and non-fiction books. As a freelance writer I try to keep my opportunities open by covering a large number of niches.” I can say it in a few seconds. Someone that wants to know more has something to go on. Someone that was just asking because it is polite to ask does not have to endure too much pain.

It took me several years to speak the words, “I am a writer.” Developing an answer the inevitable follow up question about what I write has taken almost as long. My writing continues to develop and change. Using one of these four points has allowed me to formulate answers that reveal something about my writing life without boring the life out of the listeners.

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  1. Great ideas on what to answer Kathryn! Even though I am passionate about my work, I suddenly feel paralyzed when someone asks me what I write. I definitely like your creating an elevator pitch response. I may have to borrow it and tweak it to make it my own. Thanks!

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