What Makes a Freelancer?

Last year I dove into writing full time. Up until then I had merely been playing around with the idea. In September I began to get a bit more serious. Just the other day (now almost one full year – 12 months – later) I’m still getting more serious about the idea. There are so many levels and aspects to being a freelance writer that it can be hard to determine the right path or the best method to reach my goals. Sometimes it can be difficult to just determine my goals.

I was over at Freelance Writing Jobs this morning reading Deborah’s post about honesty in writing. What struck me was that there was a question about how her discussions about going back to work for someone else could hurt her websites “brand” as a freelance site. I’m sure all of the thousands of freelancers that are working for others would be thrilled to know that they are not alone.

The post got me thinking about my own freelance writing career. When I first started writing – back before the internet 😀 – I wanted to be a novelist. My daydreams were filled with the ideas of what that title would mean for my life. Three years ago I got my first “regular” gig as a newspaper columnist – writing personal essays no less. It was a far cry from my novelist dreams.

Today I am doing just a little of everything. Most of my income comes from non-fiction work – doing articles on the internet for different websites and even publishing a couple of print articles. So far there has been no fiction published that came with a check.

But that doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t bring a change.

My path to freelancing is not going to be like anyone else. I’m unique – peculiar – one of a kind. Deborah’s path to freelancing is going to be different for others as well. We can only look to each other for support, growth and guidance, not the magic formula.

A freelancer is a person willing to step out and follow a dream. A freelancer will take the path that lies in front no matter how many twists and turns that path requires. A freelancer is someone that chooses to do what SHE wants to do, how she wants to do it, and where she wants to do it.

I am a freelancer. Are you?

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