What Matters Most? Being Intentional to be Radical

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Episode 087 – What Matters Most

What matters most to you will be what you invest in more than other opportunities. It can’t be what THEY want. It can’t be what you think THEY want. It can’t even be what you think you might should or could or would want.

What matters most has to be what feels your heart to the point that you can’t focus on anything other than or beyond that idea or goal.

When we stop going along to get along, and we stop following the rules THEY declared are the only way, and we stop allowing anything – from people to circumstances, to the very fabric of reality itself – when we stop letting that get in our way then we will be living a radical life because it will be different from anything anyone has ever seen before.

I have to pursue what matters because, well, it’s what matters. And I have to know it to pursue it but I also have to pursue it to make it worth knowing.

  1. What matters to me
  2. What I’m willing to do
  3. What I’m willing to give up to do it
  4. What I’m willing to let go to do
  5. What I’m willing to do even when I don’t want to

What Matters Most?

If it doesn’t really matter then you won’t really bother. If it matters to them and so you are doing it for them, you’ll lose your focus or momentum and give up. It has to matter to you, deep down in your knowing place, so you will have the motivation and determination to get it done.

What Matters Most

If it doesn’t really matter then you won’t really bother. – Kathryn Lang

What Am I Willing To Do?

If I won’t do it, it doesn’t matter how good the plan is. If I know I’m not willing to do it then there’s no reason to plan to do it.

What Am I Willing to Give Up to Do What Matters?

We all have a limited amount of time each day. If you wish and hope and dream, you can’t make more time in your day. I’ve tried. Despite all of my efforts, all we get is 24 hours each day of the week (and for the record, even taking an hour of my morning sun and moving it to the evening doesn’t make the day longer – it just makes my morning darker).

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In order to fit what matters into my day, I’ve had to let go of some other things – and some of what I’ve let go of REALLY matters to others around me. But if it’s not my “what matters” then I have to be okay with giving it up.

What Am I Willing to Let Go?

Living a radical and intentional life means making the best choices for our journey. Making the best choices means giving up other things that are not as good or may even be bad choices. 

When you start with a time audit to evaluate how you are investing your time, then you can begin to gauge what you are willing to give up in order to shift that investment to what matters most. 

What Am I Willing to Do Even When I Don’t Want to Do?

There are times when you don’t want to do anything, much less something that matters or that takes investment. Sitting on the couch thinking about doing something is exhausting enough to make you want to take a nap.

But when you really embrace what matters to you then you’ll find there’s a spark to want to do something even when you don’t want to do something.

Living the Radical and Intentional Life

When you know and you go then you show your unique life. When you show up as unique then the world will declare you’re radical. Embrace it. Dance around in that radical label. It simply means you have found your unique design and you are living it with bold intention.

Define what matters to you and then dare to challenge the radical labels of the world.

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