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What Stops Radical and Intentional Lives?

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Episode 086 – What Stops Radical and Intentional

If we are going to live radical and intentional lives – and that is what we are called to live – then we have to make the radical choice of seeing beyond the limits they have set (or sometimes that we have declared all on our own). We have to begin to see beyond their “you can’ts” and forge past our “I can’ts” and dare to determine that we can live our BIG DREAM goals. We have to be intentional about what we do and how we do it. 

How do you live a radical and intentional life?

1.      You have to determine what really matters to you.

2.      You have to define your success.

3.      You have to develop an intentional action mantra.

4.      You have to direct your focus to your BIG DREAMS.

5.      You have to demand you will take action.

Simple, right? Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing thoughts on each of these points because we are designed for more than just an ordinary life. If we are going to live extraordinary then we have to make the choices that will get us there.

This week’s #GrowingHOPE focuses on what can stop your radical and intentional life.

Turns out that the maintenance department for the road less traveled is not very reliable. Sometimes, I think they are even part of the sabotage. It is up to you (and to me) to forge ways around, through, over, and under the things determined to get in the way.

Top 5 Things to Stop Radical and Intentional

The same ole same ole

You can get so comfortable in your uncomfortable place that it’s scarier to move than to stay where you don’t want to be.


False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear are those things we imagine or just make up about the “IF” of life. 

“Cut the legs out from under fear by feeding your hope.”


This close cousin to fear reminds you of what you messed up, what never was, and then defines your inability to do anything moving forward. It becomes a weight that holds you down. You shake it off with a little bit of hope that will grow up your courage. Courage beats discouragement.

If only I had a dime for every time someone told me “you can’t.” Of course, I’m was just stubborn enough to take that as a challenge, not as a stop sign.

But too many can’ts can wear a heart down, especially when it’s not in a position to be fueled by possibility thinking. In my journey, I encountered some of those moments and I began to give more credence to the “you can’ts.”

You can’t dance because you are too heavy.

You can’t speak because you don’t look like a model.

You can’t write because you don’t have a voice like everyone else.

You can’t make a difference in others’ lives because your life isn’t perfect.

If you feed discouragement or allow others to feed it, then it will grow – and it doesn’t matter if it’s after midnight, in the afternoon, or somewhere in between. Unless you invest in the good wolf, the bad wolf of discouragement will have what it needs to hold you back from a radical and intentional life.

#QuoteoftheDay: The only way to cut the feet out from under discouragement is to feed your hope.

Kathryn Lang
Radical and intentional defeats discouragement:

Quote of the Day: The only way to cut the feed out from under discouragement is to feed your hope.


If you don’t know what you don’t know or even why you need to know it, then you will be confused about your direction. You have to have a start point and an endpoint to mark your straight line. 

Thank you, Mr. Godwin.

I volunteered out home to host a church event. As the day for the event approached, I became a little more frantic. I needed to get everything done and I needed it all done right now. Only, you can’t do it all and you definitely can’t do it all right now.

“What’s most important?” My husband asked. He wasn’t being sarcastic – although in my house it can sometimes be a challenge to tell. He genuinely wanted to know what task to tackle first.

“It’s all important.” Instead of being focused on one thing or having a priority for getting things accomplished, I continued to try to do it all. I ran around from task to task, not getting anything done but making a lot of noise not doing it. 

When I finally stopped and made the choice to focus, I was able to draw my straight line.


One of the biggest challenges to the radical and intentional life is people. The people around you, the people near you, and the people standing definitely in your way. Sometimes they are there because they care and are worried about your next step. More often they are standing there because they simply don’t want you to live your possibilities and purpose. 

Evaluate the heart of those people who are hindering your intentional and radical life, then you can make better choices for moving forward – over, around, or sometimes right through the middle.

There will be plenty of things (and that includes you) that try to hold you back. When you dare to choose to live radical and intentional, you will find that despite their effort, they won’t win.

I first launched #GrowingHOPE in 2013. Along the way, I’ve had many people tell me what I could do, what I should do, and most definitely what I can’t do. 

Too often, I listened to their “expert” advice over the call of my heartseed. By choosing to listen to them, I lost my voice and my focus (and we’ve already seen where a lack of focus lands you). 

Sometimes, I’m completely redirected by their enticements. I veer off course, all on my own, and then wonder why I’m not headed in the direction I want to go. 

Make sure the people you choose to listen to are tuned into your heartseed and not focused on their own agendas.

The Choice for Radical and Intentional

Living radical and intentional is a choice – plain and simple. It means you don’t wait for the perfect moment, the perfect circumstances, or the perfect opportunity. Instead, you choose to make your way your way. 

There will always be a reason not to. There will always be an excuse to skip it or to wait to start. There will always be something or someone. Choose to follow your BIG DREAMS anyway. Choose to make a way instead of holding back. Dare to live your radical and intentional design.

Radical and Intentional Challenge One

If you are going to live radical and intentional, you have to have a plan for dealing with the roadblocks, detours, and delays. Today, think of one thing you can do to get you motivated to keep going (or to get going) or one person you could partner with that can give you the encouragement you need to take your step. Write out what you will do or what exactly you think you need to make the move to radical and intentional. 

REMEMBER: It doesn’t have to be big to make a difference. Those little bits really do add up!

Take a moment to share your radical and intentional choices in the comments or link to your post about your journey around the challenges.

And if you need a dose of my unique brand of #SnarkyRainbows, give me a shout. After all, we are all in this together and we are so much stronger when we go together.

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