Which Path for Writing

Things have been crazy around my house these last few weeks. The more I think I know the less I understand. And just when I think I have it all settled, someone comes along and stirs everything back up.

Why am I here?

My church asked me to teach a class on this topic a few weeks back. I have been writing a weekly study on discovering the you that God created and using that to understand your passion and plot a path to purpose (the study is being condensed into a weekly article over at Author Haven if you want to follow along). I was writing the study because I KNEW exactly what my passion was and where it was taking me.

It does not take much to make a person stop in their tracks. Mine was a comment that I made. “I have never used my degree for its purpose.”

Almost twenty years ago, I received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of South Alabama. It was focused in tourism and commercial recreation. I took a final project and developed a full-scale plan for a resort out past the state park in my home town.

Yesterday, someone dangled a carrot in front of me. “We need someone that could coordinate and develop activities at all of our resorts.” That means my family and I would have the chance to travel and I would be doing the thing that I trained to do. I stopped in my tracks and began to wonder at the possibilities.

But is that why I am here?

We are told to seek wisdom, listen to advisors and then move forward. I jumped, or almost jumped – time constraints intervened from a complete commitment – before talking to the people I trust the most. The best advice I received was “is this the best direction or will it detract from the purpose you were called.”

I committed the other day to choosing better and to strive to always choose the best. It may be an opportunity of a lifetime, but is it my opportunity or will making this choice keep me from the exceeding, abundantly that God has set in my path ahead?

Fretting and worrying over the matter will not make anything happen. There are issues on the other end that would have to be worked out before the opportunity was even cemented. Until that moment, I will continue to write – to do the thing that I know to do until I know to do something else.

Distractions come in all shapes and forms. I will pray and meditate on all the information I have gathered, but I refuse to let the questions distract me from the path I currently see.

How do you know which choice is better?

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  • Hi Kathryn,

    I just wanted to express to you that I appreciated this article because I am in a similiar situation. God has blessed me with the gift of writing yet I am currently a project manager for an IT company…how does that make sense? I spent hours in prayer, reading and writing in my journal trying to find what God wants me to do.

    So many times I have jumped into a commitment that didn’t make sense and I ended up not getting the lesson or the reward. I have learned to wait on God. If God impresses something on my heart, I wait a few days, pray about it and if the desire is still there, then I act.

    At any rate, its good to see that I’m not alone in this plight.
    Thanks for the encouragement!


    • Hey Heather – I just finished a bible study focused and figuring out the why behind the me. It is amazing how many of us are struggling with the reason we are where we are and what we are supposed to be doing with it. Please keep up the things you are doing because they are the ultimate keys! Also, let us know how we can continue to be an encouragement in your journey.