Why you do What you do

Passion drives purpose. Unlock your passion and you will find that you can pursue your purpose with a boldness that you never even knew you had. There are so many people walking around right now that are following a talent or an education but have never discovered that passion.

Each person has moments that ignite a fire in the heart. These things make the heart flutter and the skin tingle. Sharing these things will build even more energy in the heart of the sharer. Passion is energizing and exciting.

What is your passion? What is the thing that makes you so excited you have trouble sitting still? What drives you to want to share it with others?

Stop living a life of doing and begin to live a life of passion. Change can create fear in the minds of most people. Refuse to give into the fear. Step out. Take a chance. Begin to live a life of joy and prosperity by finding the thing that ignites your passion and pursuing it to your purpose.

You may feel like there is no passion left in your life. It may be that you have never experience true passion in any form. That does not have to remain the reality in your life. Passion is there. It may be hiding away or buried deep within, but it is there. Peel away the past hurts, stumbles and troubles to reveal that passion. Once you unlock your passion you will discover that you really can fly.

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