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Why You Should Do Something Even When It Scares You

Do something and you may find that what scared you a little yesterday is even a little bit fun today.

I tried something the other day. Ann responded by trying to kill me.

It’s not her first attempt.

It started at the first of the month. Lori must be an accomplice because she is the one that got me in the place, to begin with. That first day was a miss.

The next week, she almost got me. I managed to squeeze by.

This week, I was certain I was a goner.

You would never expect this petite, former high school teacher could be a hitwoman, but I’m beginning to believe in the possibility.

Who knew yoga could be so dangerous?

Do Something that Stretches You

Ann started out today with simple stretches, going so far as to distract me with finger stretches and foot stretches.

“I can do this,” I told myself.

She lured me in with the simple stretches and then slammed me with her rapid-fire series of movements.

“Now hold the downward dog position.” She cajoled. “This is a good resting position.”

No, Ann. It is not a good resting position. It’s barely a good anything position.

I pushed on. I was not going to let her take me down.

“Now, we are going to try a new pose. Some of you may have tried it before.”

She then contorted her body in ways I didn’t think you could do, and I’m fairly certain you aren’t supposed to do sober.

She called it the lizard pose. I dubbed it the “drunk twister” pose.

But I tried, and I survived.

Do Something Again

Ann isn’t really trying to kill me. It only feels that way because I am daring to step out into something new. My body has gotten comfortable in my uncomfortable place, and yoga forces change – change for better but still change.

When we are stepping out into something new it can feel like you are going to die. The pain, the stretching, the discomfort is more than we imagined. When you keep going and keep stretching and keep doing then you can get there.

You can go comfortably into lizard pose.

Or go where ever it is you want to go.

So what is it?
What is it you want to be doing?
What is your BIG DREAM goal?
What is it that scares you because you know it is not going to be easy, or simple, or your ordinary?

I challenge you to take a step into your lizard pose. Even though it is a little scary, and even though it is a little painful, and even though you feel like they are trying to kill you, keep twisting and stretching.

You will be amazed at the possibilities in you now that are just waiting for you to take the chance and let them grow.

Be blessed,

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