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How to Write 6000 Words EACH Day

Secrets for writing 6000 words a day.

The day before the tornadoes hit our community and turned my world upside down (and a little sideways to boot), I managed to write 6000 words in one day. I also home school my three boys, feed them three meals a day, and try to keep the house in something that resembles order. Life is busy, but the goal can still be accomplished.

November brings with it a challenge for many writers, some want to be writers, and other folks that just like to see if they can defeat a challenge. National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo) starts on November 1st of each year. One of the biggest obstacles that people will face when that first day rolls around is making the word count . . . 50,000 words (not all at once of course, but it can still be a daunting figure)!

I am taking on the NaNoWriMo this year with the second in my novel series. The first novel is still in its final editing, but I am going to practice for NaNo by finishing up that project. To be able to edit my novel, write my non-fiction, post on my blogs, AND still write for my clients will require that I produce around 6,000 words a day. I know it can be done because I have already met the challenge at least once. The key to my success will be to repeat that process on a consistent basis for the next two weeks (and then for the full month of November).

Top Secrets for Writing 6,000 Words Each Day

1. Write something.

It may sound silly, but we all know that the first word can often be the toughest. Putting something down on paper seems to prime the pumps and makes it easier for more words to flow in behind it.

2. Schedule a time to write.

Your muse may have you deluded into believing that you can only write when she shows up. I have discovered that most of the time if I start to write without her, she gets jealousy and turns up. It may not happen all of the time, but at least my fingers get a workout from the attempt.

3. Create an atmosphere for writing.

I like to see nature, and from my new position I can get four different views. It helps me find the right phrases for the story that I am trying to craft. Other people enjoy writing to certain music. Whatever works for your situation then make a space where you can have that in place.

4. Write every day.

Writing has to become such a part of my day that I feel incomplete unless I have written. The habit of writing daily will make it possible to overcome the laundry, meals, grading, errands, activities and other chaos that will threaten to derail my word count goal.

5. Break down your day into an hourly goal.

There are certain hours of the day that I KNOW I will be able to write (because everyone else will be asleep). I can set hourly word count goals for those times and then fill in the rest of the words throughout my day. This is where speed typing will come in handy because the faster you can type the more words you can squeeze into an hour.

6. Keep the writing fresh.

Too much of any one thing will be too much. Make sure to throw in a blog post, letter to the editor, magazine article or some other writing activity to break up the monotony of your book. Even when I am working on the writing I do for clients I try to rotate the topics so that I am keeping the articles fresh TO me so they stay fresh for the clients as well.

7. Put on the blinders.

Forget about your favorite football team (I know, that is punishable by jail time in the South), record that television that you just HAVE to watch, and turn off the social media that requires your attention every time someone sees a cute kitten. Get your attention on writing and keep it there until you are done writing.

The best secret I have learned for writing 6,000 words in one day is to write 6,000 words in one day. Writing that many words requires an active focus on writing that many words. The more I think about it, the more it is like anything else in this world. If you are going to do something then you have to be willing to take the steps to do it.

Taking on NaNoWriMo can be done with just a few changes in the way you spend your day. The right focus can even make it possible for you to consistently create 6,000 words EACH day.

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  • Thank you. I needed this, I am nervous for this year’s NaNO since I am not as prepared and organized as I were last year. I have doctoral studies to tackle as well while participating in NaNo next month. HOpefully my muse will be helpful. I did complete a novel last year but never had a chance to do the edits so it is no way close to publishing possibilities.

    GOod luck to you !

    • Hey Jade – setting aside a couple of hours a day should help you meet your NaNo goal. Add another couple of hours for your studies each day and it could be the balance that you need. As for the edit – I feel you there. I am editing a novel and two reports of my own. My personal goal is 1000 words of edit per day (and I AM including that in my word count incase you were wondering).