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Building a Writing Career

Building a full-time writing career means looking at the writing as a business and not just a creative endeavor. It does take creativity to pursue writing, but it takes a plan to make that creativity a success.

Today must be the day for posting about building your writing career.

My Top Pick for Writing Platform and Career Building from Around the Internet

I was reminded to endure the journey by Deborah L. Parker from over at indiehousebooks.com. A writing career can be a tough road under the best of circumstances. The three things she pointed out – be resolute, be a leader, and be aware – all offered me the encouragement I needed to keep pushing forward. They were also a great reminder that I am not alone in my struggles.

The Christian Authors Community over at Google+ offered me my second inspiration for the day. The 12 questions offered up from the link to 12most.com were about answering questions to help provide the framework for a “serious” writing career. I added a few questions to the list.

    13. Do you have the resources in place to take the steps you need? Not just time, but money. Not must money to invest in the writing but money to utilize DURING the writing pursuit.
    14. Do you have the focus to get you to the end? Persistence and determination can be the key components to getting you to your desired success.

What questions would you say need to be answered to prepare for the journey to a successful writing career?

Surprisingly, the Huffington Post was the next website I stumbled over. Although we each have to forge our own, unique path, it still helps to listen to those that have gone on before. The 31 Most Invaluable Pieces of Writing Advice from Famous Authors provides humorous, series but always pertinent suggestions for those people intent on making a career with words.

All of these posts had one thing in common – the reminded me that I have to quit looking at it just as writing. I have to build relationships. I have to build a plan. And most importantly, I have to be so determined that nothing will be able to stop me from pursuing my writing career.

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