Writing Challenge – Caging the Distracting Squirrels

squirrel of mass distraction2

“Want me to sign you up for the Facebook Group?” My friend posted the question in a writing chat. I answered yes and added that what I really needed was something to help distract me from my writing. I just do not have enough of that going on.

How about you? The only difference between a writer that is published and a writer that is not published is that one finished the book, article or other submission. The other writer – me on many days – just commented on Facebook, tweeted on Twitter and basically found plenty of things not to do.

All things can be beneficial – in moderation. But if I want to build my writing success I have to be ready and willing to cut the fat, so to speak. Nothing stands in my way but me. If I can break the habits that are holding me back then I can reach the success that I desire.

Here is this week’s challenge. What is one thing that you can cut from your schedule or activities? I know that I can choose to only turn on the internet when I actually need to use the internet. In other words, I am going to cage up my distracting squirrels.

So, what are you going to change in order to reach your success?

Be sure to come back and link to your post – if you post. Or at least just take a moment and share your goals so that we can help encourage and support each other.

Good luck and good writing.

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