Writing Challenge for November 22, 2010

The challenge comes a day late this week, but it will be worth the wait. Steve Dorning from over at Heavy Metal Cowboy commented on the 7 Tips for Creative Writing post about one of the prompts his writing uses to get the creative juices flowing. They set up dice to be elements of a story. I enjoyed the adventurous idea of playing dice with my writing.

As often is the case, this great idea has given birth to my own idea that then formed into the challenge for this week.

Most people enjoyed playing games as kids. Some of us even enjoy playing games as adults. Playing seems to light a spark in the imagination that does not ignite otherwise. A good game can also lighten our hearts and refresh our spirits.

Today we create a game unique to our interests and needs.

November 22 Writing Challenge

Make writing a game. Take one of the games you have in your cabinet or drawers and recreate it into a game that will stimulate your writing muse. The idea Steve offered about the dice could be a great place to start.

Come back to this site and share your game with us and challenge others to participate in your new writing game.

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