Writing Despite the Tough Times

Just over two years ago, my writing income supplemented our household income by several thousand dollars a month. We were in a position to pay down debts and even build up some savings – which turned out to be a good thing.

Just over two years ago, my husband left his full time job to begin the journey to discover his passion and find his purpose. Our family income now came completely from the checks I received for writing.

Just over two years ago, I began to see a decline in the number of jobs I was getting. They continued to decrease. The good news was that the jobs I did get were much higher in pay, but there were not enough of the new ones to offset the loss of the old ones.

Yesterday I hit a wall.

Being positive, uplifting and encouraging is hard work. Walking in faith can feel like walking uphill in sand. Sometimes it is something little and insignificant that is allowed to steal your resolve.

My morning started fine, but a potential job quickly began to sour. It was the words of that one person that had me questioning what I was doing – for myself and for my family. I know I could get a “real job” if I wanted. A real job has security and a guaranteed paycheck (although there are plenty of people that would tell you that is all a delusion).

The day was spent wallowing around in my own despair. “Am I any good?” “Why are there no more jobs than I have?” “When will this breakthrough finally BREAK THROUGH?”

I stayed off the internet. There are too many others going through tough times for me to burden them with mine. My husband and older kids were off getting ready for a camping trip. It was the perfect time to mull over where I was going. I did not come to a conclusion.

This morning, I can see the sun glimmering around the edges of the wall and I think I even saw a hole or two. I intend to begin chipping away at the possible holes and the edges of the wall until it crumbles before my feet. AND IT WILL CRUMBLE.

Writing full time can be tough, but consistent pursuit of my dreams will bring results.

Steps to Survive Tough Writing Times

    1. Develop a solid budget and stick to it. Being disciplined in finances can help reduce stress.

    2. Actively search for new writing opportunities. Look at local print publications, online publications and any materials that fit your niche (or that you can tilt your niche to fit).

    3. Be professional and on time with all the projects you currently are producing. Doing your job, to the best of your ability, is the best way to insure future jobs from that client and from that client’s recommendations.

    4. Write as though you WERE getting paid. I know how many articles I can produce in one day when I am pushed. I need to be doing that EVERY day and using them on my own sites or in the article directories to expand my online presences.

    5. Take a break. Now and then it IS a good idea to walk away from the electronics and just relax. Take a hike, go sit by a lake or ocean or just find a quiet corner in the park where you can soak up some Vitamin D and let everything wash away.

Every dream worth pursuing will require determination, consistency and persistence. There will be walls, but no wall can stand up to these three elements. Never let the wall dictate the walk. PUSH!

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