Writing is Not Always about Writing

My writing is not just about me or about my writing for that matter. Sometimes there are unexpected consequences to pursuing my writing career. The last several Novembers I have jumped into NaNoWriMo with both feet – well, I have signed up to participate.

Last year I boldly proclaimed that I would finish my second book with NaNo efforts before my friend could finish his first because I know that accountability can make me push harder than anything else. He grinned and said, “I’ll probably get published before you finish it.”

Turns out he was right.

His first book won a contest and it has been sent to the graphic designers to create the cover. Some people would be crushed – especially since I have been working SOOOOO much longer on my writing than he has on his. It would have been easy to start complaining about how some people get all the breaks or beating myself up for not doing more.

I choose to see the positive in the experience (it is the optimist in me). I feel like I had a fundamental place in helping him finish his first book, which means that I had a part in him getting published, which means I can add writer coach to my list of accomplishments!

The actions of my writing rippled out from me to him and landed him in a contest that he would never have entered otherwise. He says that it was my encouragement that got him there. What if my writing encouraged hundreds of writers that published and touched the lives of others – would that make it worth it? What if my writing only touched this one other writer but he touched another and then they touched another until the whole world was encouraged to pursue their passion with boldness?

It is worth writing to be an encouragement even if that means that my encouragement is all that comes from writing. I do believe that my writing will lead to my own publishing as soon as I put action behind my passion (but that is another post altogether). For now I will be content in knowing that I am a part of something bigger.

Now if I can get him to pay me I can call myself a professional writing coach.

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  • I never said I would be ‘published’ first. You did. I said I would be finished writing it. It was your passion for your writing that encouraged me to complete my own story (Or to get it on paper anyway) As for the story itself, I had been writing that story in my head for going on eighteen years. I just needed the coach to push me into writing it. As for paying you…I’ll buy you dinner one day as payment. Is McDonalds good for you?

    • McDonalds is just fine – as long as you plan to serve me. 😀

      And it was you that said you’d get published before I finished writing – but you were playing with me. But you proved that action speaks louder than words. The most important step to getting published is completing the writing!