Writing Outside the Curtain

There was no hiding from the thoughts this time. The words came easy. The full article was finished and edited in only a few minutes. I like when my writing works out so well, under most circumstances.

This time the words looked darker than what I have written in the past. The pressure seemed to shove the reader instead of beckoning with a whisper. I spent the weekend worried about using that article.

The Monday deadline started out with a text from my editor. “Wait to come in until you hear from me.” I waited all day, and assumed that trouble at the office meant we were delayed on day for printing – one more day to think about a message that would whisper a challenge.

He called at the end of the day and asked for the article. The only one I had was the one that I knew would shove readers around. My stomach turned as I hit send.

Yesterday the paper went out and I got my second email about what I write in the regular column. The lady told me she knew exactly what I was talking about and she was with me and thank you for the article.

Sometimes the words come easy for a reason – they need to be said. Revealing a truth, whether it is about myself or about a situation, can be scary. Some people would prefer to view a façade.

I have to decide if I will stay behind the curtain or if I will but my words out there so that the light shines bright on all that I have to say.

Are you willing to write bold or do you find it easier to stay behind the curtain?

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