You are Worthy and You Matter So Live Bold in That Wisdom

You matter and every time you put yourself down or knock yourself down or belittle who you are, you are telling those to whom you matter that their opinion has no merit.

You matter to someone that matters to you so let that help manage your thoughts about yourself.

My husband used to moan about he was not worth me marrying – or something to that effect. If I’m honest, I didn’t listen when he started complaining. Most of the time, I still don’t listen – to the complaining, not to him when he’s not complaining. I listen then – promise!

Every time he would start down that path, it would hurt my feelings. I married my husband because I believed him to be a good, honest, warm, loving soul (and so much more. I believed he had the abilities to do amazing things – and I still do.

When he says he is not worthy or puts himself down in some way or another, he is saying that I am a bad judge of character or just plain wrong.

And that realization gave me a revelation.

You matter and you are worthy - thoughts from Kathryn Lang at Snarky Rainbows

The other day, I started talking with someone about a talk show host that makes the daily confession that he is better than he deserves. It immediately reminded me of a confession I had made (to myself) over the weekend – something along how it was always my fault. And remembering my comment prompted by the talk show comment reminded me of my husband.

That’s when the revelation came to me. When I make declarations such as the one I made then I insult my Father in the same way my husband had insulted me. How does God react when I moan about how I don’t deserve the very things that He has chosen for me? What does it say to Him when I make the choices not to live in all His desired gifts?

The more I pondered the concept, the more I realized how crooked my thinking had become. Asking others to help me see straight was only crowding my confusion. I was going to the wrong source to understand what it was I deserved and how to get there.

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines “deserve” as being worthy. According to Scripture, the fact that Jesus chose to die on the cross for you and for me makes us worthy – not our actions, or behaviors, or our choices.

Once we step into acceptance of Him, through Faith, we are worthy because of Him.

If God declares you worthy, what value does the words of this world have any more?

Here is a challenge for tomorrow. Live as boldly as the Makes considers you worthy. That one focus will guarantee that the world doesn’t stand a chance.

Be blessed,
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