How to Remove the Stuff: 4 Tips to Clear Your Way

You need to remove the stuff to clear the way. Anyone that’s tried to make their way to the bathroom in the dark of night can attest to the importance of a clear path.

The more stuff in the way the harder it is to keep going. Sometimes you can’t move at all because of the stuff. If you want to keep rolling along then you need to clear the stuff.

remove the stuff

I have an amazing office chair. It’s fluffy. It’s cloth. It rolls.

Well, it’s supposed to roll. Over the last couple of decades, the wheels have picked up their fair share of discarded hair. I’ve tried cutting the hair away in the past, but usually give up after only a few strands.

The other day I decided to install the cushioned mats from my display setup. My office looked fine, but I wanted the color and also the comfort from the mats.

My already struggling chair did not appreciate the new mats. It refused to budge.

I tried getting some thin plastic to help the chair roll. It turns out wheels that barely roll aren’t helped to roll even with a thin piece of plastic.

The only way to fix the situation was to remove the gunk.

remove stuff

I went through several attempts, even went so far as to look up replace wheels for the chair. I figured as long as it was taking me to clean one wheel, it’d be cheaper to buy new.

I turned to the internet to see if someone had a video or guide to help me figure out how to remove the wheels, take them apart, and get them rolling again.

It still took a lot of time, and because of leverage gone awry (long story and more than a little embarrassing), it took me almost getting knocked out. Eventually, I got the stuff out and the wheels began to turn again.

It turns out that when you wrap stuff around you, your wheels don’t go. If your wheels don’t go, then you get stuck where you are.

Do you want to go? Get rid of the stuff.

Breaking Through the Stuff Build Up

Break it down.

Break the project or situation down to its fundamental parts. Clear away all the stuff that doesn’t belong or that just makes things more complicated.

Ask for help.

Others may know an easier way or a better way to do what needs to be done. It can’t always be fixed with duct tape and WD 40 despite what the movies show.

Try again.

If at first, you don’t succeed, try again. The stuff will just keep wrapping around until you find the way that works to get it gone.

Little bits add up. One hair alone can’t stop the wheels from turning. I’m not sure one of my hairs has ever traveled alone, and after 25 years they have definitely gathered together – which shows that little bits on their own aren’t that powerful, but together we are stronger.

Is your chair rolling? Are you able to move where you need to move when you need to move? Or are you stuck?

If you are having trouble getting up and going then start removing the stuff. When the stuff is out of the way then you can move about with ease.

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