You seem overwhelmed.

Shock, and a little taken aback, that’s how I felt when the man next to me mentioned that I looked overwhelmed. Me? Couldn’t be.

I have always been a natural, glass actually completely full (because what isn’t liquid is air) kind of gal. And then a tornado fell on our house . . . with us in it . . . and it left our house in disarray and my heart doing all it could to hold on to hope.

I struggled to be encouraging for my family. I struggled to keep believing. I struggled to get it all together.

Have you ever been there?

I had lost ME in the struggle. But as I started finding ME again, I began to discover my glass completely full mentality again.

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It’s time to know YOU.

I’m Kathryn Lang, and I am here to walk with you through the process of finding your voice, finding your wings, and taking flight.

  • It’s Simple – because it’s all you.
  • It’s Balanced – because it takes balance to go anywhere.
  • It’s Enjoyable – because if you aren’t enjoying the journey it’s time to change rides.

You deserve to live your best life. Let’s share a coffee and chat about what that means to you.

Would it help to have less stress?

Get the bonus content: Living DEstressed Workbook

Less stress means more balance. More balance means more time. More time means more resources to do everything you desire to do.

  • 47% of working moms report feeling overwhelmed and burned out trying to juggle it all. When you find your way, you won’t be one of them anymore.
  • 61% of women experience high levels of stress and stress causes weight gain, premature aging, dry skin, and digestive issues. When you discover your way, you will let all of that go.
  • 72% of women report feeling lonely or isolated for at least part of their day. When you learn your authentic self, you foster stronger relationships built on mutual trust.

Let’s get to know each other better. Check out some of the other posts and comment. My commitment to you it to keep being authentic in my sharing of words and engaged with you in the comments.

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