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Kathryn Lang is an aficionado of inappropriate laughter
Aficionado of inappropriate laughter!

You deserve to live your best life.

Hi, I’m Kathryn Lang. And I know you can live your best life – one hope, one focus, one step, and one little bit at a time.

Heartseed Discovery

You are uniquely designed on purpose and for a purpose. I work with you in small groups and one-on-one to uncover, nurture, and grow up your heartseed into all its awesome blooms.

Encouraged Living

You can thrive in this journey with a dash of courage to jolt you into your next step. I offer weekly motivation and encouragement to help you stay infused with possibilities.


You are extraordinary and when you embrace that reality you will fly. GrowingHOPE offers weekly inspiration to dare you to live out your extraordinary life.

The only thing stopping you

stares back at you from the mirror.

I know you can. Now you have to believe it until you live it.

It is simple. It should be fun. It has to be your way.

You are created by God on purpose and for a unique purpose. I walk beside you encouraging you, helping you find your focus, and infusing the hope to enjoy your life.

I believe that it is SIMPLE, we just invest a lot to make it complicated.

I believe that when you strip away the chaos, you find your purpose and your peace.

I believe when you define your heartseed, you start living bolder, better, and beautifully you.

Kathryn Lang believes you should B YOU tiful - because you are the best you around.

Keeping it simple, keeping it you-centric, and always working in a twist of snarky rainbows with a dash of hope, I invest in your pursuit of purpose.

You have to know what you believe to live it out. Once you have that believe point, you can live your dreams.

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To define your purpose

Read Encouragement

Words have power. The books I weave together paint pictures of hope, possibility thinking, and encouragement growth.

Kathryn Lang writes words of hope

Hear Daring

Words create. My talks and presentations seed hope focus to fuel the pursuit of bold (and peculiar) living.

Kathryn Lang dares you to  be Clear On Your Want

Find Your Way

You have the ability to live in purpose and on purpose and I will walk beside you to encourage the journey.

Kathryn Lang works with others to write their story - coaching at Coworking night
snarky rainbows

Looking for a dose of snarky rainbows? Check out the blog posts that offer a seed of hope with a dash of twisted encouragement.


More Books From Kathryn

Share hope and encouragement with all you encounter

Tourism Adventure – fun for the whole family.

Suspenselocal mysteries and uncovered secrets.

Shorts – flash fiction, short tales, and parables of hope.

Hopesharing inspiration because it all begins with a seed of hope.

Classes – teaching and sharing possibilities.

Presentationcommunity events, conferences, and retreats.

On-Airpodcasts and broadcasts of #GrowingHOPE and #WriteTalk.

“I am a HOPESMITH. The words I share offer a seed of hope you can grow up into possibility living one little bit at a time.”

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Always find a reason to laugh

It’s not complicated – although we do invest a lot of energy and resources trying to make it that way. Strip back down to the basics and you discover it is simple.

It’s founded in relationships – everything worth doing or being is grown up in and through the relationships we foster.

It’s started with words – because words have power. Words can grow up or words can crush. Words are one of the most powerful elements we encounter. Find ways to wield words with wisdom.

It IS all about you – your unique way and your defined path. When you uncover your heartseed then you can grow it up into a world of possibilities.

It happens one little bit at a time. Big goals, big dreams, and big possibilities all happen a little bit at a time.

Whatever you are doing - it all comes back to relationships because we are stronger when we work together. Click To Tweet

Author – Speaker – Hopesmith

Kathryn Lang Encourages You to be Uniquely You

 focus on your uniquenesses

Kathryn exposes the peculiar. “We are all unique – there are no two paths, plans, or pursuits that will be the same. I dare you to find your peculiar and to live it with boldness.”

Kathryn Lang shares laughter. “Always find a way to laugh. Laughter sparks hope and once hope finds a way in then it all becomes possible.”

Kathryn makes the complicated simple. “It has always been simple. We just work really hard to make it complicated.”

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  • Find your way.
  • Make a YOU plan.
  • Live your extraordinary life.

Snarky rainbows and twisted encouragement with Kathryn Lang

Kathryn Lang has a passion for helping you discover your uniqueness and create a plan to pursue it with boldness.

Are you ready?

Contact Kathryn with the date of your event or provide some more information on the challenge that you are determined to overcome.

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Focus Coach Kathryn Lang

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