A seed of hope, a lot of fun, a couple of twists . . . all wrapped up in a snarky rainbow!

The Author

Kathryn Lang author books We all have a story to tell in a voice unique and interesting. I paint worlds, illustrations, and humor through the medium of words. Whether being chased down by the unknown THEY or finding life tips in the Proverbs, it's the story that matters!

The Coach

Kathryn Lang life coach You can if you will. When we work together then it's easier to find the will you need to get it done. We are stronger together. Relationships are vital to everything we want or need. Let's work together to create your plan for World Domination!

The Speaker

Kathryn Lang speaker Words have power – for good and for bad. I love wielding words through this world with the aim of growing up hope. I share words of encouragement, inspiration, and entertainment . . . always with a little snarky twist just to keep the story interesting.

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It’s not complicated – although we do invest a lot of energy and resources trying to make it that way. Strip back down to the basics and you discover it is simple.

It’s founded in relationships – everything worth doing and worth being is grown up in and through the relationships we foster.

It’s started with words – because words have power. Words can grow up or words can crush. Words are one of the most powerful elements we encounter. Find ways to wield words with wisdom.

Whatever you are doing - it all comes back to relationships because we are stronger when we work together. Click To Tweet

Author – Speaker – Hopesmith

Kathryn C Lang Encourages You to be Uniquely You

Kathryn exposes the peculiar. “We are all unique – there are no two paths, plans, or pursuits that will be the same. I dare you to find your peculiar and to live it with boldness.”

Kathryn shares laughter. “Always find a way to laugh. Laughter sparks hope and once hope finds a way in then it all becomes possible.”

Kathryn makes the complicated simple. “It has always been simple. We just work really hard to make it complicated.”


Kathryn Lang has a passion for helping you discover your uniqueness and create a plan to pursue it with boldness. Are you ready? Contact Kathryn with the date of your event or provide some more information on the challenge that you are determined to overcome.Email Kathryn today.

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