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Thank you for investing in these words of encouragement today. You were the focus of the words and ideas that brought this site to life. I am also invested in the words and in this website – seeking to create a home for those that are seeking something less complicated (or maybe just out for some snarky fun).

We are a society and a world determined to make it all complicated and messy. The words on this site will hopefully help you begin to define your all (whatever your “unique all” may be) and then approach it all with a back to basics attitude. Strip away the stuff and discover your own life of overflowing peace.

I am Kathryn Lang – and this is my blog, my ministry, and my purpose

About Snarky Rainbows
About Growing HOPE
About the Woman and her family
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About Snarky Rainbows

snarky rainbows with kathryn lang

Encouragement comes naturally to me. I like to say that when I was born I ran across the hospital room and slapped the doctor on the rear to tell him he had done a good job.

Snark and sarcasm are also part of my natural demeanor. Nothing makes me smile faster than a quit whit, some wordplay, or a little good-natured snark. I have even been dubbed “the Queen of Snark” by the Twitterverse.

I did not realize that not everyone found snark to be something that could go along with hope and encouragement. During a recent introduction, this subject came up. “I just can’t seem to mesh those two elements.” Someone was explaining to me. He went on to say, “It seems weird, like trying to envision snarky rainbows.”

I lit up. “Snarky Rainbows!” I repeated with a grin.

I immediately went and registered the domain and started plotting the new logo. Snarky Rainbows sums me up in two simple words. Humor has to be a part of it, but it will always be tied up with the promise of hope that was revealed in the rainbow. The rainbow tornado holds different meanings for different folks, and that’s a good thing. To me, it sums up the image of twisting the joy of snark and the encouragement of seeking the silver lining. The butterfly makes an appearance here because it is my symbol of the life I am called to live. It rides the tornado because when we make the choice to live out our unique design then we are positioned to ride out even the storms of life.

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About Growing HOPE

“Hope makes everything possible.” That one concept kept bubbling up and became the driving force for the radio broadcast and podcast.

  • H – hearts
  • O – open
  • P – to pursue
  • E – extraordinary

You are extraordinary, and with a dash of hope scattered into your heart, you begin to be open to see and to pursue all of your extraordinary.

The logo of the butterfly was around even earlier. My love of butterflies goes back to a childhood of chasing them through the yard. It expanded when I met Yellow and Stripe in “Hope for the Flowers.” It intensified, even more, when I learned that the butterfly represented Happening – one of my most powerful encounters with God ever.

The daisy also holds a special place in my heart. It has long been my favorite flowers because of its simplistic beauty and strength to stand. It lasts in cut displays and also manages to find a way to stand strong in the gardens. When the daisy dies down, the seeds catch the wind and spread the beauty of that daisy.

Hope gives us all the wings to fly. Hope gives us the strength to stand. Hope spreads and grows.

Growing HOPE – taking a few moments to plants seeds of hope that grow up possibilities.

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About the Woman and the Family: Kathryn C. Lang

I grew up in a small, Alabama town – you know the one, right? Everyone knew everyone and the local paper reported everything about everyone. My grandfather was one of only a few doctors in the community and he delivered half of the community. My mother was the first female council person in our small town. I was well known – not because of me but because of my family.

Always find a way to laugh. Laughter sparks hope and once hope finds a way in then it all becomes possible.”

I wanted to get away from all of that. College offered the opportunity to get away. I chose a school that was as far from home as I could get (without leaving the state and paying out of state tuition – I was that practical). The University of South Alabama offered the perfect mix of a diverse student body and locale. I graduated in four years with a degree in Leisure Services and a focus in tourism and commercial recreation – the perfect degree for a small, rural community.

My courses had offered me a lot of experience in a wide range of situations. I put that experience to work for me. I coached a swim team, ran a medical billing office and then found my home writing content for websites. Online writing gave me the freedom to work from home and around the hectic schedule of our homeschool family.

Fort Gaines 2014

I still struggle. Finding the right balance seems impossible most days when everything keeps shifting. I know that if I could find a way to keep it all still then I would be able to get there. Currently, there are two teenage boys and one elementary grade boy in our home. NOTHING is still around here – ever! But I get up every morning determined that balance will be unlocked and that determination makes juggling a much simpler task.

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About the Writer: Kathryn C. Lang

My first written story was completed in third grade. “The Pineapple that Cried Banana.” It included illustrations of the pineapple and banana that looked a lot like Snoopy. I had spent months perfecting my Snoopy and all of my drawings looked a lot like him for a time.

I continued to write with gusto, but most of it stayed confined to private notebooks. I protected my words out of concern of what others might do to them. Smokey Hamilton, a good friend in high school, pulled one of my notebooks away from me one day. He read for a while and shook his head. “These words need to be shared. They will not become all they are designed to be hidden away in your notebook.”

My first submissions were to the school magazine, and I was thrilled when some of my work was accepted. I branched out and submitted to a national teen magazine. They rejected me and I decided that maybe I was not ready to release my words to the world. I tucked them back into their hiding place where they would be safe

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It took almost two full decades before I let my words see the light of day. This time it started with a community column in the regional paper. I received just 750 words a month, but I could write anything I wanted – and I got paid. I continued to pursue opportunities to share my words and realized that when I got a rejection it was not my words or even me that was being rejected, but that the fit was not quite right. That was okay. We all have our place and sometimes it takes longer to find it for some than for others.

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with red mic

About the Speaker: Kathryn C. Lang

I was blessed to have an opportunity to beginning speaking to organizations in 2010. I found that sharing words in person provided a new level of inspiration in my own journey.

This new love led me to radio and podcasting – which have become the Growing HOPE. Live streaming tends to bring out the snark in me and I have turned that “gift” into a short production titled “Snarky Rainbows Moments.”

Speaking has opened up others doors for me to grow my relationship with words and through those words with you. I have spoken at WordCamps, writing conferences, women’s retreats, and community organizations to promote relationships, hope, encouragement, and unique purpose.

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BhamAuthorExpo2014 - 2

Today I work full-time coaching others in their purpose and path, developing programs as a syndicated radio host, and spreading words as a freelance writer, author, and ghostwriter – where I have the opportunity to encourage and motivate with words as an author, speaker, teacher, online personality, or coach. I strive daily to find more ways to put words to work for blessing, possibility, and hope.

I still have that first story. I still have that first rejection. I still hold on to the words offered to me by my friend. Together, with them, I am building a foundation of possibilities. I HOPE you will join me.

About the Promise: Kathryn C. Lang

Words have power – I have experienced the power of words for the positive in my life and also for the negative. My promise to you is that the words that I share here will always be leaning on the side of hope and encouragement.

I believe in the positive, the possibility, and the hope. My friend, Bo Williams said that I make it feel like I’ve thrown up rainbows.” That’s okay. I like being a rainbow connection. It led me to declare that I would be your “rainbows and lollipops host.”

When my husband heard about the new “snarky rainbows” title, he declared, “Does that now make you the snarky rainbows and twisted lollipops host?” I think I’m okay with that as well.

I do believe in the potential. I do believe in the power of hope. I do believe that there is always a silver lining. I also recognize that there are storms, and there are people, and there are negatives in this world. The key is to find a way to see the first without being overwhelmed by the second.

It is my hope and my prayer to share words that will counter out those forces around you that are trying to drag you down. I desire to help you grow your wings so that you can fly.

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