speaking craft content 2018My dad will tell you that I did not talk until I was two and that once I started, I never stopped. Playing with words has always provided me with joy, but location and limitations – including my own fear – held me back from pursuing words.
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For years, microphones made me break out in hives. I would talk to a group with confidence unless someone held up a microphone for me to use. Microphones sent me cowering to the corner. I realized that if I wanted to share my words with others then I would have to face my own fears first. Although microphones still make me jumpy – having something yell at you in that way will do that – I am learning to understand and even conquer the technology.

The developments in the internet and online broadcasting have opened up a whole new world for other speaking opportunities. The spread of internet radio and terrestrial radio over the internet has made it possible for small-town Alabama to reach the world.

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The blocks and hindrances to my words have been pushed aside. Now I just have to take the steps to keep pursuing my dream of sharing words.

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Why Me?

I am determined to help you unlock the foundation of encouragement that will launch you into your dreams! I am uniquely designed by God to lift up, stir up, and cheer up His children. I have the natural (and nurtured) abilities to bring out Hope and encouragement in others. I find ways to peel back the complexity of the world and reveal that simple idea planted by God from the beginning. I help others find hope in their storms. I am the fire that ignites hope. I am the tornado that stirs up the faith.